To be honest I feel I hit the lottery!

As a past Survivor I am lucky enough to be asked to events like this still after 9 years! With my two kids and my busy life, sadly I have to pass on most of them. I hadn’t been to a event in two years when I heard rumblings of Durham Warriors online through fans who played.

“It is so real!”

“I had no idea the game of Survivor was that hard!”

“It was so cold but amazing you have to go Coby!!!!”

My appetite as a former player was set.

Then just like the real game…I got the call to join in the fun and the rest is history.

To be honest I feel I hit the lottery! This event is so amazing once the word continues to get out I will be fighting past contestants to get another chance at Maine. And for me that is what this event was, not just a great charity but another chance. For years after everyone who has played they ask themselves how they would play if they ever got the chance to play again. Bob and his team gave me the answer! I got to finally do challenges I had always wanted to do, right next to the Superfan who was living their dream with me. It is one big tribe of people living out their dreams and I was blessed to be a part of it. The whole event is so spot on to the real thing I don’t have enough paper to compare it, just know it is that good!!! This IS Survivor! Except in the real Survivor do you get interviewed by Sandra and Hatch? Imagine a island of players freaking out as the king and queen of Survivor ask YOU about the game they helped invent! Mind blown!

Now, I am waiting for the call again for when Bob decides to do a Fans Vs Favorite edition of his own! I will proudly live out more dreams with the rest of you guys, dream big and I will see you at Tribal Council!

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