The Moz, Waya and Tawadi tribes are brought to the field and introduced to the audience. Then the Survivors are brought out and introduce themselves to the tribes… two Survivors with each of the three tribes.

Each Survivor is then given a bag with their shirt and are told to open them. But wait – the Survivors’ shirts are all gold! Say hello to the Uguna tribe, it’s fans versus favorites!

After the shock wears off, Moz, Waya, Tawadi and Uguna square off in the first challenge – Don’t be Puzzled. Tribes are competing for points, 4 to the winner, 3 to second place, 2 for third place and 1 for fourth place. Most points at the end of Friday wins an unnamed reward. In addition, the winning tribe of each Friday challenge gets their pick among provisions and equipment, second place gets a choice of a smaller set of items while third place gets to choose from only the most basic of items. Fourth place – I got nothing for you!

In the first phase of Don’t be Puzzled, three tribe members individually paddle out to buoys with their tribe colors.

Sunken in the pond and attached to the buoy ropes are containers with keys. Contestants pull up the rope, unhook the containers then paddle back.

How hard can that be? Well, just ask Chris P, Jamie and Matt!

Once all three paddlers return, two other tribe members individually run to a station to untie knots and retrieve two more keys.

Once a tribe has all five keys the puzzle solver runs to the locked box, opens the locks to remove the pieces inside and then begins the puzzle.

The puzzle solver must complete a difficult hanging puzzle. Brooke is the first to finish and wins for Uguna. David finishes second for Tawadi while Jessie from Waya beats Jenny from Moz for third place.

The second Friday challenge was called Over a Barrel. Tribes were given three barrels and two planks and had to make their way across the field without the planks or any part of themselves touching the ground. All four tribes struggled early to figure out a strategy.

Eventually Uguna and Waya found a rhythm and Uguna narrowly defeated Waya for their second consecutive victory!

Moz made it all the way to the finish line, even having several members cross the finish line, but a touch of the ground sent them back to the start. But Tawadi ran into trouble of its own, leaving Bob alone on the course on a barrel.

Moz mounted a furious comeback, almost catching up to Bob near the finish line. But Bob managed to cross the line with his barrel giving Tawadi third place.

The third Friday challenge was called Survivor Cubed – a Survivor trivia contest. Tribes would face three rounds of questions with each member answering a question in each round.

Moz redeemed its 4th place finishes in the first two challenges by winning!

The most physical challenge of the day was next for our tribes. Hot Pursuit required each tribe member to carry a pair of 15 pound sand bags tied together with a rope. Contestants could drop out as long as another tribe member carried their sand bags. Tribes start at opposite ends of the course with the first to catch the other being the winner. The two tribes with the most points so far (Uguna and Waya) matched up in the first heat with Uguna victorious.

Tawadi and Moz then matched up in the second heat with Moz earning the win.

The third and fourth place heat between Waya and Tawadi was next. Waya members Jeff and Kristin both had nasty falls leading to Waya ceding the heat to Tawadi.

Uguna then defeated Moz in the final heat earning four more points!

The 5th Friday challenge was called A-Mazing. Each of the four tribes had a designated entry point into the maze which was made from electrified fence. One at a time, tribe members would find their way to one of eight buckets located throughout the maze.

In the buckets were keys needed to open the five locks on each tribe’s box. Once all six members had retrieved a key, the tribe could attempt to open the locks. If they did not have the correct keys a tribe member had to go back into the maze and find a bucket that still had one of their tribe’s keys. Once all the locks were opened the tribe would remove a machete from the box, cut a rope and raise their flag.

Uguna wins followed by Moz then Waya.

Jump Shot was the next challenge. As the team with the most points so far, Uguna was paired up against Moz who had the least points. Each tribe designated a goalie whose job was to try to block balls thrown by the other tribe after jumping off a pier and into the water. Troy was goalie for Uguna, and they defeated Moz in the first matchup.

Tawadi then defeated Waya in the second matchup, leading to a showdown with Uguna for the win.

Tawadi won the tiebreaker to take four points while Moz was victorious over Waya for third place.

The final challenge of the day was called Last Idol Standing. Each tribe sent one member into the ring to try to be the last competitor with their idol not touching the ground.

After many intriguing matchups, Uguna emerged the winner.

As the top point winner for the day, Uguna received a food reward!

But there wasn’t much time for them to enjoy it . . . minutes later the tribes were asked to line up and each member had to draw a rock from a bag. The three contestants drawing colored rocks were asked to step forward. Joel, Chris P and Chris L were then instructed that they would make the first assignments in a reverse schoolyard pick. That is, Joel would be first and assign one of the remaining contestants to one of the other two tribes. Chris P and Chris L would then do the same with each tribe then alternating until three new tribes of eight were formed.

When it was all finished the new Moz tribe consisted of Joel, Dr Jill, Troy, Brooke, Matt, Wendy, David and Bob. The new Tawadi was made up of Chris P, Nina, Jamie, Lisa, Jeff, Tina, Candice and Carl. And the new Waya had Chris L, Kristin, Jenny, Jessie, Heather, Katie, Benjamin and Mike.

All three tribes were then taken to their camp locations for the night.

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