The day started with the three tribes being told that from now on they would be playing for immunity and that the two losing tribes would be headed to tribal council where each would vote someone out. The first challenge called Rolling Right Along was epic, with each tribe needing to assemble a rolling cart before heading out onto the course.

All three tribes struggled to assemble the cart but Moz eventually got it together and moved onto the course.

With Moz alone on the course, it was up to Brooke to retrieve the bags of puzzle pieces.  She had the only dry seat as Moz crossed the pond toward the puzzle station.

Brooke and Matt then took on the task of solving the difficult puzzle.

With the other tribes still trying to assemble their carts, Matt placed the final puzzle piece for Moz giving them a win and the first tribal immunity.

Waya had a date at the first tribal council and in a 6-2 vote sent Kristin out of the game.

Tawadi followed into tribal council and voted out Jamie in a 4-3-1 vote.

Falling Like Dominoes was the second Saturday challenge. Tribe members took various positions holding planks along a domino course while one member was the designated domino setter.

Jill set the dominoes for Moz while Nina set for Tawadi and Heather set for Waya.

After a couple of near misses, Moz completed the domino run and won their second straight tribal immunity, sending Waya and Tawadi back to tribal council.

Tawadi’s plan was to vote out Nina to eliminate the Survivors from their tribe, but Nina played a hidden immunity idol, voiding all six votes cast against her.

That left Nina’s as the only valid vote and she sent Chris P out of the game.

Meanwhile Waya came together to vote out Jessie in a 6-1 vote.

The third challenge on Saturday was called Pizza Parlor. In relay style, tribes sent each of their members holding a paddle across a plank suspended by ropes. At the far end of the plank they retrieved a pallet then returned to stack it on the table at the starting point.

In a closely contested battle, Moz won its third consecutive immunity.

Waya returned to tribal council and blindsided Mike in a 5-1 vote.

Tawadi finished what they couldn’t at the prior tribal and took out Nina with a 5-1 vote.

Dirty Deeds was the next challenge awaiting the tribes. Tribe members had to retrieve three sets of puzzle pieces before their puzzle solver went to work solving. One set was buried in the mud pit . . .

A second set was buried in the sand . . .

And the third set was tied in knots and hanging from a tree.

Once all of the pieces were retrieved, puzzle solvers went to work. Matt from Moz and Jenny from Waya battled it out for the win.

Moz won immunity again, sending the deflated Waya and Tawadi tribes back to tribal council.

Tawadi decided to vote out Carl with a 4-1 vote.

Waya eliminated Katy in a 4-1 vote.

The fifth Saturday challenge was called Matchmaker. Pairs of covered objects were placed in a field. One at a time, each tribe sent a member into the field to try to uncover a matching pair of objects.

If a pair was uncovered, that tribe member had to decide whether to keep one of the matching items or take a point for their tribe. The first tribe to five points won immunity.

In a dramatic moment, Matt uncovered a matching pair of immunity idols and had to decide whether to keep an idol for himself or take the point for Moz. He chose to keep the idol!

Despite Matt’s move, Moz still won immunity – their fifth in a row!

Once again back at tribal council, Waya voted out Benjamin in a 3-1 vote.

Tawadi had a much more dramatic tribal council with the initial vote being tied two votes for Candice and two votes for Tina. On the re-vote, Candice and Tina could not vote and Lisa and Jeff voted together to eliminate Candice.

Bucket Brigade was the next challenge awaiting our tribes. One tribe member filled a bucket with water from the pond then tossed it to a second tribe member who began to fill a larger tribe bucket.

Meanwhile, each tribe’s designated fire starter worked with flint, steel, kindling and sticks to build a fire. Once the bucket contained enough water it would raise the fire box and (hopefully) burn through a string, raising a flag indicating victory.

Lisa went all in for Tawadi, stacking all of her materials in the firemaking box. Her strategy paid off as her fire burned through the string even before her tribe’s bucket was completely filled! Tawadi had broken Moz’s run of five consecutive immunity wins!

Faced with their first tribal council, Moz was a bit scattered in its vote – eliminating David in a 5-1-1-1 vote.

Waya was down to its last three members as they once again went to tribal council. Jenny was voted out 2-1.

Before Keep it Steady, the last Saturday challenge, began – tribes were informed that the challenge would continue until two tribes finished and secured immunity. Only the third place tribe would go to Saturday’s final tribal council. For this challenge contestants had to make their way over and under obstacles in the field while balancing a ball on a round platform attached to a wire.

With Waya down two its final two members, only two contestants would compete for each tribe. Brooke was quickly through the course for Moz while Waya and Tawadi both struggled.

While Jill inexplicably couldn’t get more than 10 feet from the starting line for Moz, Jeff and Lisa eventually found their way through the course for Tawadi as did Heather and Chris L for Waya.

Tawadi and Waya were safe from the vote and Moz returned to tribal council.

We soon learned that Moz, unhappy with Matt because of his choice to keep the immunity idol in the Matchmaker challenge and for his stray vote in the prior tribal council, had thrown the challenge in order to vote him out before the merge. And with a 5-1-1 vote they were successful in blindsiding Matt.

With the Saturday challenges complete the merge was announced – Moz, Waya and Tawadi were no more. Brooke, Joel, Jill, Troy, Wendy, Bob from the former Moz tribe, Lisa, Jeff and Tina from the former Tawadi tribe and Heather and Chris L from the former Waya tribe were now merged into the new Kalanu tribe!

The new Kalanu tribe was anxious to get to their merge feast!

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