After a night of strategizing among the new tribe, Sunday morning’s first challenge greeted our contestants with individual immunity on the line. “Mind Games” required our contestants to memorize a sequence of objects then repeat that sequence using the images on their cube.

Once a contestant answered incorrectly they were out of the challenge with no chance at immunity. Brooke and Heather battled it out with Brooke winning the first individual immunity!

At Sunday’s first tribal council, uncertainty was evident and Joel played an immunity idol.

But the six former Moz tribe stuck together, voting out Tina by a 6-3 vote with 2 votes for Joel nullified by the immunity idol. Tina became the first member of the jury.

Sunday’s second challenge provided our contestants with much needed “nourishment” in the form of a gross food challenge!

The contestants “enjoyed” pig tongue in the first round with the first three to finish becoming exempt from the next rounds.

The second round featured snails as the entrée for our seven remaining contestants and the first three finishers were once again exempt from the next round.

The remaining five contestants then battled it out in the final round around plates of natto, fermented soy beans. The first two to finish were safe with the remaining three subject to the vote at the next tribal council!

Lisa, Wendy and Brooke were the three who did not finish, making them the only ones eligible to receive votes at tribal council.

The remaining seven tribe members came together to eliminate Lisa with a 7-0 vote.

Hanging by a Thread was the next challenge. Contestants stood on a log holding on to a rope. After specified time intervals, each had to move their hands farther out onto the rope, increasing the difficulty of staying on the log.

Enticements were offered to the contestants early in the challenge to see if anyone felt safe enough to drop in the water and give up a chance at immunity. Jill was the first taker, splashing in for a cup of coffee!

Later in the challenge a sealed bag was offered as an enticement and Joel took the plunge! Unfortunately for Joel the bag contained only a paintbrush!

The remaining contestants battled it out with Wendy eventually outlasting Chris L and Troy to win immunity.

At tribal council, the former Moz 6 once again stayed strong and drew in both Chris L and Jeff to vote out Heather by an 8-1 vote.

Shooting Gallery was the next challenge and competitors took turns shooting stones from a slingshot at tiles with the other contestants’ names.

Once all of a contestant’s tiles were broken they were out of the challenge.

It came down to a battle between Bob and Troy with Bob finally breaking Troy’s last tile to win immunity!

With a 7-1 vote against Jeff at tribal council, it was clear that the former 6 Moz members were perfectly executing a “Pagonging” of the former Waya and Tawadi members.

Next up for the contestants was Take the Reins. In this challenge, contestants balanced a ball on a wooden disk suspended by ropes.

After set periods of time, the remaining contestants needed to move their hands farther back on the ropes, increasing the level of difficulty.

Troy outlasted everyone, once again winning the challenge that he had won on Survivor – One World.

At tribal council, the former 6 Moz members completed the “Pagonging” by eliminating Chris L by a 6-1 vote.

A two-staged challenge next awaited our contestants. Roped In first required the six competitors to unravel a rope attached to their belts by spinning around a pole.

Once a contestant felt that they had enough rope to reach their target spot they could leave the pole to try. But choose wisely . . . not enough rope means you have to go back and unwind more! The first four contestants to reach their targets moved on to the next stage of the challenge while the other two would have no chance at immunity.

Troy, Brooke, Joel and Bob reached the second stage where they had to unravel their rope from a complicated maze.

With Joel and Brooke becoming tangled early on, Troy built a lead that he kept to the end, winning his second straight individual immunity challenge.

At tribal council, the former Moz 6 finally had to turn on themselves. It was later learned that Troy was to be the target of this vote but his immunity win thwarted that plan. Instead, Bob was voted out by a 5-1 count.

The next challenge was called Don’t Get Tipsy and required each of the five competitors to retrieve blocks from stations located behind them and to then stack them on a table with a pivoting top. Only the rope in the contestants’ hands kept the table level and the blocks from falling.

Brooke edged out Jill to win immunity!

Implementing the plan that they hoped to execute at the prior tribal council, Troy was voted out in 4-1 blindside.

The final challenge of DWSC 2015 was called Ladder of Success. In an epic challenge, the remaining four contestants first had to assemble a puzzle ladder one rung at a time.

Once their ladder was complete, contestants climbed up to the platform where they untied a pen and dry erase board for the next stage of the challenge. Wendy was the first to reach the platform!

At the next stage contestants decoded groups of letters to obtain a sequence of numbers that they then needed to correctly reproduce on a slate board at the other end of the field.

Joel made a late run, finishing his ladder and cutting into Wendy’s lead.

But Wendy’s lead was too large and she completed the final phase of the challenge by cutting through her rope and raising the victory flag for the final immunity win!

The tribal council that followed proved to be quite memorable. With Wendy immune, one of the three remaining Survivors would be next to go. But who would it be? Joel and Jill had been solid allies since the early part of the game. Would Wendy vote with them against Brooke?

Wendy and Brooke teamed up to vote for Joel, forcing a tie with the two votes cast for Brooke by Joel and Jill. On the re-vote, Joel and Brooke would not vote, leaving the outcome up to Jill and Wendy.

Jill and Wendy remained true to their original votes, producing a 1-1 tie between Joel and Brooke and sending them to a firemaking tiebraker challenge!

Both Joel and Brooke struggled to start fire with Joel eventually becoming the first to get flame. Joel would almost lose his initial fire as Brooke finally got hers started!

But Joel finally succeeded in burning through his string to win the challenge and secure his spot in the final three! For Brooke, the tribe had not spoken but she would become the final member of the jury.

Final tribal council took place in typical Survivor fashion. Each of Joel, Jill and Wendy presented a case to the jury why they should be awarded the title of winner of DWSC 2015.

Each jury member then had a chance to ask questions or make a statement. After the final three responded, it was time for the jury to vote for a winner.

And the winner of DWSC 2015 by a 5-2-1 vote is… Wendy!

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