After arriving contestants were blindfolded and taken to a waiting area.

Following brief words of welcome, the contestants were assigned to two barges. Lisa, Jeff, Chris P, Benjamin, Tina, Wendy, Carl, Heather and Jenny manned the green barge while Candice, David, Katy, Chris L, Matt, Kristin, Mike, Bob and Jessie boarded the purple barge.

Each barge was given poles to paddle, a map to their destination and the promise of a reward for the first to arrive. Lisa takes the map to lead the green barge while Jessie takes the map for the purple barge.

There was definitely a learning curve figuring out how to paddle the barges . . . but Mike always appeared to be ready for a photo-op on the purple barge!

Despite their best efforts, the green barge falls farther and farther behind – eventually finishing about 20 minutes behind the purple barge.

The purple barge enjoys food and drink as reward for finishing first. Members from both barges then mingle wondering what will come next!

Meanwhile, our Survivor participants were on an adventure of their own! Troy, Dr. Jill and Jimmy T (filling in for Joel whose flight was late) were put into canoes and given a map to paddle to their next location. Jamie, Nina and Brooke were taken to a spot on land around the pond and given instructions to find their next clue.

The Survivors in canoes made their way to the location on their maps and found another Survivor waiting there. Well, except for Jamie who decided that it would be better to not follow instructions and instead wander through the woods looking for the rest of his tribe!

Troy paddled to Brooke and together they found instructions to go to another spot marked on the map. The same happened for Jimmy T and Nina. Dr. Jill eventually found the other four Survivors at the rendezvous point but Jamie was nowhere to be found!

Those five Survivors made it to their end destination but were informed that they could not continue without all six being present. After heading back out onto the pond in canoes, they finally located Jamie and returned to the ending point. Once there they made their way to their camp location. Joel arrived soon afterward and they set up camp for the night.

Our non-Survivor contestants were then led through the woods to stump corral for the official opening instructions.

Contestants are reunited with their game bags in front of torches bearing their barge colors. After the opening instructions contestants are left on their own.

After about an hour of being on their own, the contestants are surprised as they are led away from stump corral two at a time, carrying their belongings.

With tribal drums in the background, the contestants are taken to a designated spot, seated and blindfolded. They are then give a note and told to remove the blindfold and read the note once the drumming has stopped.

The note instructs the contestants to make their way toward the fire burning in front of them, forming a tribe of 3 men and 3 women as they go. The first complete tribe to present themselves at the fire wins reward!

Tawadi is the first tribe to the fire and wins a tent as reward!

David, Heather, Chris L, Katy, Wendy and Bob become the blue Tawadi tribe.

Mike, Carl, Lisa, Jenny, Matt and Tina become the purple Moz tribe (shown with tribe handlers Mark and Christy).

Kristin, Benjamin, Chris P, Jeff, Jessie and Candice become the green Waya tribe.

All 3 tribes are then taken back to stump corral where they spend the night together but as separate tribes.

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