• Let the Games Begin…

    Shots from the DWSC 2016 opening.

  • Don’t be Puzzled

    Tribes paddle to retrieve keys to unlock puzzle pieces and solve a hanging puzzle.

  • Over A Barrel

    Tribes use three barrels and two planks to make their way across the field without the planks or any part of themselves touching the ground.

  • Falling Like Dominoes

    Tribe members hold planks to support dominoes along a course while one member attempts to set a stack that can run the length of the course.

  • Bucket Brigade

    Tribes form a bucket brigade in order to fill a tribe bucket and raise the fire they have started to burn through a rope.

  • Don’t be Tipsy

    Tribes retrieve blocks from tables at varying distances and make their way to a tilting table using a rope to keep the table balanced.  First tribe to stack seven blocks on the table wins.

  • Fish Toss

    First tribe to toss their fish down the line and fill their bin wins and gets to keep their fish.

  • Rolling Right Along

    Each tribe needs to assemble a rolling cart before heading out onto the course (and into the water!) to collect puzzle pieces.

  • It’s a Long Shot

    Three tribe members are designated to launch balls while the others serve as catchers.

  • Drunken Sailor

    One tribe member must balance on a wobbly spool while two others push it across the course.

  • Amazing

    Tribe members make their way through a maze searching for keys needed to unlock puzzle pieces.

  • Simple but Puzzling

    One tribe member directs blindfolded tribemates to gather puzzle pieces.

  • Don’t Drop the Ball

    Tribe members need to move a ball balanced on a paddle across a course.  Along the way they must cross a balance beam and make a series of transfers to their tribemates.

  • Truth and Consequences

    Contestants are asked a series of questions about each other then have to guess the most common answer.  Get it right and smash another contestant’s tile!

  • Tell Me A Story

    Contestants listen to a story then have to race to stations and answer questions about what they just heard.

  • No Obstacle

    Classic Survivor obstacle course featuring nets, mud and a puzzle.

  • Mind Games

    Contestants must memorize a sequence of objects then repeat that sequence using the images on their cube.

  • Take the Reins

    Contestants maneuver a ball through a maze suspended by ropes.

  • Ladder of Success

    Contestants must assemble a puzzle ladder one rung at a time and climb to the top of the platform.  They then move on to a station where they memorize a combination that releases a key to free a machete to cut a rope and win!

  • Arrivals

    Following brief words of welcome, the contestants were assigned to two barges. Each barge was given poles to paddle, a map to their destination…

  • Don’t be Puzzled

    In the first phase of Don’t be Puzzled, three tribe members individually paddle out to buoys with their tribe colors.

  • Over a Barrel

    Tribes were given three barrels and two planks and had to make their way across the field without the planks or any part of themselves touching the ground.

  • Survivor Cubed

    A Survivor trivia contest, tribes would face three rounds of questions with each member answering a question in each round.

  • Hot Pursuit

    Tribe members were required to carry a pair of 15 pound sand bags tied together with a rope. Contestants could drop out as long as another tribe member carried their sand bags.

  • A-Mazing

    Each of the four tribes had a designated entry point into the maze which was made from electrified fence. One at a time, tribe members would find their way to one of eight buckets…

  • Jump Shot

    Each tribe designated a goalie whose job was to try to block balls thrown by the other tribe after jumping off a pier and into the water.

  • Last Idol Standing

    Each tribe sent one member into the ring to try to be the last competitor with their idol not touching the ground.

  • Rolling Right Along

    Rolling Right Along was epic, with each tribe needing to assemble a rolling cart before heading out onto the course.

  • Falling Like Dominoes

    Tribe members took various positions holding planks along a domino course while one member was the designated domino setter.

  • Pizza Parlor

    In relay style, tribes sent each of their members holding a paddle across a plank suspended by ropes. At the far end of the plank they retrieved a pallet then returned to stack it on the table at the starting point.

  • Dirty Deeds

    Tribe members had to retrieve three sets of puzzle pieces before their puzzle solver went to work solving. One set was buried in the mud pit…

  • Matchmaker

    Pairs of covered objects were placed in a field. One at a time, each tribe sent a member into the field to try to uncover a matching pair of objects. If a pair was uncovered, that tribe member had to decide whether to keep…

  • Bucket Brigade

    One tribe member filled a bucket with water from the pond then tossed it to a second tribe member who began to fill a larger tribe bucket. Meanwhile, each tribe’s designated fire starter worked with flint, steel, kindling and sticks… Invalid Displayed Gallery

  • Keep it Steady

    For this challenge contestants had to make their way over and under obstacles in the field while balancing a ball on a round platform attached to a wire.

  • Mind Games

    “Mind Games” required our contestants to memorize a sequence of objects then repeat that sequence using the images on their cube.

  • Gross Food

    This challenge provided our contestants with much needed “nourishment” in the form of a gross food challenge!

  • Hanging by a Thread

    Contestants stood on a log holding on to a rope. After specified time intervals, each had to move their hands farther out onto the rope, increasing the difficulty of staying on the log.

  • Shooting Gallery

    Competitors took turns shooting stones from a slingshot at tiles with the other contestants’ names.

  • Take the Reins

    In this challenge, contestants balanced a ball on a wooden disk suspended by ropes. After set periods of time, the remaining contestants needed to move their hands farther back on the ropes, increasing the level of difficulty.

  • Don’t Get Tipsy

    Competitors were required to retrieve blocks from stations located behind them and to then stack them on a table with a pivoting top. Only the rope in the contestants’ hands kept the table level and the blocks from falling.

  • Roped In

    Contestants were required to unravel a rope attached to their belts by spinning around a pole. Once a contestant felt that they had enough rope to reach their target spot they could leave the pole to try.

  • Ladder of Success

    Contestants first had to assemble a puzzle ladder one rung at a time. Once their ladder was complete, contestants climbed up to the platform where they untied a pen and dry erase board for the next stage of the challenge.

  • Endurance

    The final three contestants balance on a series of poles. After a set of time they step up to the next higher pair of poles. Last one standing wins final immunity.

  • Don’t Get Tipsy

    The final four contestants must retrieve blocks from stations at increasing distance from their balancing table.  The table is not balanced and must be steadied using a rope that the contestant holds.  Once blocks are retrieved the contestant must make their way back to…

  • Hold On

    Contestants hold wooden dowels between two paddles. After a set amount of time additional dowels are added. Last competitor holding dowels wins immunity.

  • Stacking Challenge

    Well Stacked

    Using blocks to build a tower, the contestant with the highest tower standing after 15 minutes wins immunity. In a twist the contestant with the smallest tower is immediately eliminated from the game.

  • Truth and Consequences

    Contestants are asked a series of questions about each other like “who is the smelliest” and “who is the most annoying”.  The responses are then counted and contestants then must answer who they thought would be the most common answer.  Each time a contestant answers…

  • Hanging by a Thread

    Contestants must hold onto a rope while standing on a log and leaning back over the pond. At set time intervals, contestants move their hands down the rope making in more difficult to hold on. Last contestant on the log wins immunity.

  • Brian

    Maine Munchies

    This was a classic Survivor gross food eating challenge.  In the first round competitors had to eat pig’s tongue and the first three to finish were exempt from the next round that featured fish eyes.  The first four finishers in round two were exempt…

  • Survivor Auction

    Survivor Auction

    Competitors are given the same amount of money and can bid on items, some that are announced and some that are surprises. Among the things available are food items and an advantage in a future challenge.

  • Rope Maze Challenge

    Rope Maze

    Competitors from each tribe clip onto a rope that follows a course over and under hurdles and through a difficult back-and-forth section.  First tribe to have all of its members complete the course wins.

  • Brian

    Stay Balanced

    Each member of the tribes must balance on a beam over water.  They then must pass by one another to exit the other end of the beam while only touching one other tribe member at a time.  If you fall off or touch more…

  • Classic Survivor

    Each tribe member must complete three stations – grappling to get puzzle pieces, slingshot to hit a target and a classic jailbreak to retrieve a key used to open their tribe’s puzzle board.  Once they complete their section of the puzzle their next tribemate…

  • Muddy Balls

    Tribe members must dig up a ball from a mud pit and place it in their tribe’s bin.

  • Easy as 1, 2, 3

    Tribes must group into two pairs and one group of three and each group is tied at the ankle.  Groups then make their way to four stations where they need to count group of objects.  The tribe then writes the number of each object…

  • Pyromania

    Tribes must designate three members as firestarters with the others retrieving flint from bags tied in knots and suspended from hanging ropes.  Once of the tribe’s members starts a fire big enough to burn through a string, that tribe moves to the tribal firemaking area where…

  • Up on a Pole

    Tribes designate one person to balance on a narrow platform attached to the top of a pole.  The rest of the tribe maneuvers a second pole to allow the person on top to make their way across a field without falling off or touching…

  • Blind Mice

    Each tribe chooses three pairs to be tied together and blindfolded.  The final tribe member is the caller and must guide their tribe’s three pairs to retrieve puzzle pieces scattered in a field.  Once all of the pieces are collected the caller must then…

  • Opening Ceremonies 2014

    Over the years, Survivor has been to many exotic locales and the opening episodes to the season always bring goose bumps and oohs and aahs for the fanbase. There have been rides in the back of a truck out to the wilderness, there have been helicopter fly overs and landings on the beach and even a grueling hike into the jungle. At this year’s Durham Warriors Survival Challenge, contestants were paired up and put into canoes and paddled up the river to an area to begin the 2014 games.

  • Pond Puzzles

    Each tribe designates two pairs of puzzle piece retrievers and one puzzle solver. Each pair must swim across the pond while keeping in contact with the inner tube then retrieve one of three sets of pieces – one set is buried in the sand, one is tied in knots from a tree and one is placed down a long trail.

  • Up on a Pole

    Each tribe lifts one member to the top of a pole and then must transport them across a field to retrieve eggs from an elevated platform.  The first tribe to return to the starting point with both eggs is the winner.  Penobscot wins! Photos…

  • Spectators and Volunteers

    Many thanks to our volunteers that helped make DWSC 2013 a huge success!  Thanks also to the spectators that came out to cheer on our contestants.  

  • Rope Maze

    One contestant from each tribe is clipped onto the beginning of the rope.  They then have to make their way through a series of obstacles before returning to switch out with their next tribemate.  Penobscot wins! Photos courtesy of Lisa Littel.

  • “No” Obstacle

    Tribes met at the obstacle course to do battle. Leaping, climbing and balancing their way through this obstacle course. Photos courtesy of Lisa Littel.

  • Muddy Balls

    One at a time, members from each tribe race across a balance beam to a mud pit where they must dig up one of their tribe-colored balls, place it in their bin then return to tag in the next member of their tribe.

  • Maine Smoothies

    In each round, a random combination of one “juice”, “meat” and “vegetable” is combined into a smoothie. The last 3 contestants to finish (or not finish at all) in each round are forced to drink again in the next round.

  • Maine Mud Madness

    Tribes must gather mud from the pit using only their hands and bodies.

  • It’s a Long Shot

    Each tribe must designate three members to launch balls and two members to serve as catchers. The first tribe to catch 10 balls is the winner. Penobscot wins!

  • Hold On

    Players had to “hold on” as long as they could during this challenge of their endurance.

  • Final Tribal Council

    Russell and Daniel make their case to the jury as to why they should be the DWSC 2013 winner.

  • Final Four Endurance

    The final four take on their last challenge! Each contestant must balance on two poles for a fixed amount of time. After that time expires, remaining contestants must move up to the next highest pair of poles.

  • Blind Mice

    Tribes designate one member to call out instructions to groups of their tribemates that are blindfolded and tied together. Those groups must find 10 balls placed in the field and bring them to their bins.

  • Survivor Auction

    In classic Survivor style, contestants have the opportunity to bid on items brought out one at a time. Some items are covered providing the possibility of either a great or awful purchase!

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Each tribe is given a map showing the location of stations in the woods. At those stations the tribes must complete tasks or gather materials needed to complete tasks back at the staging area.

  • Pyromania

    Each tribe is given a map showing the location of stations in the woods. At those stations the tribes must complete tasks or gather materials needed to complete tasks back at the staging area.

  • Pond Puzzles

    Contestants enter the pond in pairs and must swim to the other side of the pond using inner tubes. After retrieving bags of puzzle pieces, the tribes must swim back then solve a puzzle.

  • Camp Life

    A little peek into what went on at the tribe camps . . .

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