Following brief words of welcome, the contestants were assigned to two barges. Each barge was given poles to paddle, a map to their destination…

Don’t be Puzzled

In the first phase of Don’t be Puzzled, three tribe members individually paddle out to buoys with their tribe colors.

Over a Barrel

Tribes were given three barrels and two planks and had to make their way across the field without the planks or any part of themselves touching the ground.

Survivor Cubed

A Survivor trivia contest, tribes would face three rounds of questions with each member answering a question in each round.

Hot Pursuit

Tribe members were required to carry a pair of 15 pound sand bags tied together with a rope. Contestants could drop out as long as another tribe member carried their sand bags.


Each of the four tribes had a designated entry point into the maze which was made from electrified fence. One at a time, tribe members would find their way to one of eight buckets…

Jump Shot

Each tribe designated a goalie whose job was to try to block balls thrown by the other tribe after jumping off a pier and into the water.

Last Idol Standing

Each tribe sent one member into the ring to try to be the last competitor with their idol not touching the ground.

Rolling Right Along

Rolling Right Along was epic, with each tribe needing to assemble a rolling cart before heading out onto the course.

Falling Like Dominoes

Tribe members took various positions holding planks along a domino course while one member was the designated domino setter.

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