Pizza Parlor

In relay style, tribes sent each of their members holding a paddle across a plank suspended by ropes. At the far end of the plank they retrieved a pallet then returned to stack it on the table at the starting point.

Dirty Deeds

Tribe members had to retrieve three sets of puzzle pieces before their puzzle solver went to work solving. One set was buried in the mud pit…


Pairs of covered objects were placed in a field. One at a time, each tribe sent a member into the field to try to uncover a matching pair of objects. If a pair was uncovered, that tribe member had to decide whether to keep…

Bucket Brigade

One tribe member filled a bucket with water from the pond then tossed it to a second tribe member who began to fill a larger tribe bucket. Meanwhile, each tribe’s designated fire starter worked with flint, steel, kindling and sticks… Invalid Displayed Gallery

Keep it Steady

For this challenge contestants had to make their way over and under obstacles in the field while balancing a ball on a round platform attached to a wire.

Mind Games

“Mind Games” required our contestants to memorize a sequence of objects then repeat that sequence using the images on their cube.

Gross Food

This challenge provided our contestants with much needed “nourishment” in the form of a gross food challenge!

Hanging by a Thread

Contestants stood on a log holding on to a rope. After specified time intervals, each had to move their hands farther out onto the rope, increasing the difficulty of staying on the log.

Shooting Gallery

Competitors took turns shooting stones from a slingshot at tiles with the other contestants’ names.

Take the Reins

In this challenge, contestants balanced a ball on a wooden disk suspended by ropes. After set periods of time, the remaining contestants needed to move their hands farther back on the ropes, increasing the level of difficulty.

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