Let the Games Begin…

Shots from the DWSC 2016 opening.

Don’t be Puzzled

Tribes paddle to retrieve keys to unlock puzzle pieces and solve a hanging puzzle.

Over A Barrel

Tribes use three barrels and two planks to make their way across the field without the planks or any part of themselves touching the ground.

Falling Like Dominoes

Tribe members hold planks to support dominoes along a course while one member attempts to set a stack that can run the length of the course.

Bucket Brigade

Tribes form a bucket brigade in order to fill a tribe bucket and raise the fire they have started to burn through a rope.

Don’t be Tipsy

Tribes retrieve blocks from tables at varying distances and make their way to a tilting table using a rope to keep the table balanced.  First tribe to stack seven blocks on the table wins.

Fish Toss

First tribe to toss their fish down the line and fill their bin wins and gets to keep their fish.

Rolling Right Along

Each tribe needs to assemble a rolling cart before heading out onto the course (and into the water!) to collect puzzle pieces.

It’s a Long Shot

Three tribe members are designated to launch balls while the others serve as catchers.

Drunken Sailor

One tribe member must balance on a wobbly spool while two others push it across the course.

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