The final three contestants balance on a series of poles. After a set of time they step up to the next higher pair of poles. Last one standing wins final immunity.

Don’t Get Tipsy

The final four contestants must retrieve blocks from stations at increasing distance from their balancing table.  The table is not balanced and must be steadied using a rope that the contestant holds.  Once blocks are retrieved the contestant must make their way back to…

Hold On

Contestants hold wooden dowels between two paddles. After a set amount of time additional dowels are added. Last competitor holding dowels wins immunity.

Well Stacked

Stacking Challenge

Using blocks to build a tower, the contestant with the highest tower standing after 15 minutes wins immunity. In a twist the contestant with the smallest tower is immediately eliminated from the game.

Truth and Consequences

Contestants are asked a series of questions about each other like “who is the smelliest” and “who is the most annoying”.  The responses are then counted and contestants then must answer who they thought would be the most common answer.  Each time a contestant answers…

Hanging by a Thread

Contestants must hold onto a rope while standing on a log and leaning back over the pond. At set time intervals, contestants move their hands down the rope making in more difficult to hold on. Last contestant on the log wins immunity.

Maine Munchies


This was a classic Survivor gross food eating challenge.  In the first round competitors had to eat pig’s tongue and the first three to finish were exempt from the next round that featured fish eyes.  The first four finishers in round two were exempt…

Survivor Auction

Survivor Auction

Competitors are given the same amount of money and can bid on items, some that are announced and some that are surprises. Among the things available are food items and an advantage in a future challenge.

Rope Maze

Rope Maze Challenge

Competitors from each tribe clip onto a rope that follows a course over and under hurdles and through a difficult back-and-forth section.  First tribe to have all of its members complete the course wins.

Stay Balanced


Each member of the tribes must balance on a beam over water.  They then must pass by one another to exit the other end of the beam while only touching one other tribe member at a time.  If you fall off or touch more…

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