Up on a Pole

Each tribe lifts one member to the top of a pole and then must transport them across a field to retrieve eggs from an elevated platform.  The first tribe to return to the starting point with both eggs is the winner.  Penobscot wins! Photos…

Spectators and Volunteers

Many thanks to our volunteers that helped make DWSC 2013 a huge success!  Thanks also to the spectators that came out to cheer on our contestants.  

Rope Maze

One contestant from each tribe is clipped onto the beginning of the rope.  They then have to make their way through a series of obstacles before returning to switch out with their next tribemate.  Penobscot wins! Photos courtesy of Lisa Littel.

“No” Obstacle

Tribes met at the obstacle course to do battle. Leaping, climbing and balancing their way through this obstacle course. Photos courtesy of Lisa Littel.

Muddy Balls

One at a time, members from each tribe race across a balance beam to a mud pit where they must dig up one of their tribe-colored balls, place it in their bin then return to tag in the next member of their tribe.

Maine Smoothies

In each round, a random combination of one “juice”, “meat” and “vegetable” is combined into a smoothie. The last 3 contestants to finish (or not finish at all) in each round are forced to drink again in the next round.

Maine Mud Madness

Tribes must gather mud from the pit using only their hands and bodies.

It’s a Long Shot

Each tribe must designate three members to launch balls and two members to serve as catchers. The first tribe to catch 10 balls is the winner. Penobscot wins!

Hold On

Players had to “hold on” as long as they could during this challenge of their endurance.

Final Tribal Council

Russell and Daniel make their case to the jury as to why they should be the DWSC 2013 winner.

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