Words from a winner…

How will you win the Durham Warriors Survival Challenge?

“How will you win the Durham Warriors Survival Challenge?” the interviewer asked before blindfolding me and whisking me away. “If I can play a good social game in four days, I can win,” I heard myself answer. What I told myself though- heart pounding…

It’s the adventure of a lifetime

It’s the adventure of a lifetime. As a mega fan of the CBS reality show “Survivor,” I have heard the game described by this phrase season after season. Sitting on the couch, I had often dreamed of and wondered how well I might be…

The paranoia of the first night is legit

Pulling into the Crowley driveway that Thursday afternoon my mind was racing, my nerves were on edge — I knew I was about to play survivor (and for charity nonetheless) but I don’t think I fully grasped what was about to happen.  I parked,…

That’s when it hit me that I was in for a real challenge

Brian Meagher Survivor

I love Survivor. I love it more than Billy Garcia loves Candice Cody, Yau-Man Chan loves lemon trees, and Bob Crowley loves making fake idols. In August I was given the opportunity to partake in the closest thing to Survivor as you can get; The Durham Warrior Survival Warrior Challenge.

How real could this event possibly be?

Andy Baker

As a Survivor blogger and SuperFan, someone who has longed to play the real game for years, I asked myself a question that I imagine most applicants do: How real could this event possibly be? Sure, the challenges looked cool, and I was intrigued that former Survivor players actually participated in the game, but c’mon, I thought, it’s only four days, it’s on a farm, and it’s for charity. It’ll be a camping trip, only with Tribal Councils. How wrong I was.

To be honest I feel I hit the lottery!

As a past Survivor I am lucky enough to be asked to events like this still after 9 years! With my two kids and my busy life, sadly I have to pass on most of them. I hadn’t been to a event in two years when I heard rumblings of Durham Warriors online through fans who played.

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